If I could turn back the clocks. I’ll tell my younger business self:

1) Long run thinking

Everything you do in business should be about the long run, and about the customer: stop perceiving growth strategies as isolated properties: ‘Fb Ads’, ‘Copywriting’, ‘Funnels’

2) The numbers matters

Focus on free…

I spent the last 22 months in a state of academia, capital allocation and entrepreneurship. It’s one of if not the toughest endeavour I ever undertaken in my life.

The results:

  • a marginally profitable dating advice for men company in 2020 that was in need of pivoting over the last…

From time to time I get random internet comments criticizing for my work involving dating advice for men. This expected is because I started my company in an Asian culture: Singapore.

Personally, I used to get criticism labelling me everything from ‘lazy’ to ‘arrogant’ but… … ‘sexual predator’ is a…

I attended this business networking session years a go and got to meet an attractive woman that built a print business of around 5–6 employees. She was younger than I was and… we kinda flirted.

I told her my story of how I dropped out of University more than a…

I’d put down one’s ability to learn and implement concepts, ideas faster to be correlated to one’s degree of virtue signalling.

Here is a quick Google’s definition of virtue signalling: the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness…

Exams are nearing and I am feeling the heat.

If I decided to focus on something I generally desire to come out top. It’s been my ethos since I was a child and I generally hate losing (if I decided something is important enough).

I spent the first five years…

This is the third rendition of my Singaporeans lacking social capital series and I’m going to talk about how Singaporeans can solve these issues, and how we are actually in one of the best positions to solve them.

FOMO: degrees, jobs and income

Through my twenties I knew some peers who are smart but are…

I remembered looking at University mates who were over-excited over some economics graph in business school and thought to myself that they were in the wrong school. I later found out that most University students merely wanted a good job when they graduate. The degree and graph solving is merely a means to an end.

This argument shall be mostly anecdotal as a Singaporean, similarly to Just like What Inequality Looks Like by You Yenn Teo.

How Social Capital is Allocated in a Family Unit

Growing up, my Mum wouldn’t blink an eye when it came to tuition and formal education. Just so you know…

Marcus Neo Kai Jie


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